Copy Right

Qithara Music works with YouTube to enable the use of Qithara music in individuals’ user-created, original content videos that are posted on YouTube for personal, non-commercial purposes. However, all rights holders, including Qithara, and YouTube reserve the right to block or remove any of the Qithara music in such videos or the videos themselves without notice.

Posting on YouTube

Without limiting Qithara or YouTube’s rights, your use of any Qithara content in your user-created videos posted on YouTube is subject to the following:
You will not claim ownership of any portion of the video via YouTube CMS or other means, nor may you or anyone on your behalf earn income directly or indirectly from the video.Qithara reserves the right to claim, monetize and/or block the Qithara content in your video, and/or effectuate a takedown of your video, at any time, with or without prior notice. If, for example, the song you use in the video is partially owned by Qithara, a co-owner may also claim, monetize, block or take down the video.Prior to posting your video, you shall have obtained any and all other rights and permissions required to post the video on YouTube, and you will comply with YouTube’s Terms of Service, Community Guidelines and any other applicable YouTube policies.Upon posting your video, you will inform us of the Video ID (or YouTube link) via email to the following email address: