Movie Production

About us

Qithara Production Films was founded by educated & talented media professionals who had a vision to provide an incredibly diverse array of production support services. Today, we are ushering in a new era of excellence and embarking on a new phase of history by continuing the evolution of our services and facilities to meet the demands of today and challenges of tomorrow. When you partner with us, you’ll discover how we combine our experience & creativity of our highly skilled crew members with the latest state-of-the-art technology.

What We Do

We have a diverse portfolio as we believe in experimentation and not just sticking to one domain. Our portfolio and area of expertise include Corporate videos, Documentaries, Commercials, Fashion Films, Music Videos & Photography. We help clients identify and build the capabilities essential to their advantage

What We Believe

We believe in teamwork, that the client is part of our team, his goal is our goal and that we will accomplish this journey together. Our investment decisions are based on long-term payoff, and our fundamental beliefs are not sacrificed for short-term gain. This means we deliver more value than expected.

How We Work

 Action is prized; ideas are encouraged; and making mistakes is viewed as part of the creative process.  If you trust individuals and believe in them, they will be motivated to do what’s right for the company.


 We have worked extensively all over Iraq and Gulf and our production and logistics contacts are widespread throughout the country. we have had it all covered without any hassle as we have support partners in every city we have been to. Moreover, our team of experts are well trained to work in every kind of situation including difficult terrains and hostile environment.